Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State,

Trace Reporters –The Governor of Bauchi state, Bala Mohammed has vowed to put a total stop, the activities of ghost workers and their merchants within the first quarter of 2021.

The governor who made the pledge Tuesday night while signing into law the 2021 budget estimation said, himself, other members of the Executive and Legislative arms of the government will synergize to wage war against the monster called ghost workers that have been eating deeply into the coffers of government.

The budget which stood at N213, 914, 559, 427 was approved by the State assembly within ten days after submission.

“By February or March next year, this thing called ghost worker syndrome will be a thing of the past”, the governor assured.

Governor Bala who expressed worry over the way and manner some civil servants and pensioners have been short-changed by the on-going verification exercise assured of government’s determination not to allow anybody to be short changed again.

According to him, everybody will henceforth, be paid his or her salaries and allowances as at when due.

“We are going to work with the State Assembly and the Executive to make sure we sought out this ghost workers’ matter so that there won’t be anybody who would be shortchanged or left out irrespective of what he or she is”, the governor further assured.

He stated that “even those that are exercising the criminal tendencies, we will make sure we salvage them by bringing them to the fore, so that they would invoke our patriotism to make sure they stop it”.

Bala who noted that the ghost workers disorder is the only major problem confronting the day-to-day government’s businesses, said they are poised to free resources and curb sharp practices among civil servants to conveniently pay salaries and even employ from the teeming graduates roaming the streets.

“We know that this ghost workers issue is the only problem we have and we are going to confront the monster decisively in the year 2021”, the governor noted.

Governor Bala said his administration will ensure 100 percent implementation of the budget with a view to enable Bauchi state match with its peers in the country.

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