Goverrnor Nasir El-Rufai of kaduna State

Trace Reporters –Family Health Advocates in Nigeria Initiative (FHANI) urges Kaduna State Government to commence distribution of the procured year 2020 child spacing consumables for immediate use by women and families in need.

In a press statement Signed Iliya Kure
FHANI Secretary and made available to Tracereporters stated that Continuous delay in the distribution of the consumables will not only affect the child spacing programme in the state, but will also continue to negatively affect families in dire need of the services.

Child spacing has scientifically been proven to reduce maternal deaths by up to 40%. It can significantly reduce maternal deaths in the state.

On 21st October, Kaduna State Health Supplies Management Agency (KADHSMA) informed FHANI of the procurement of child spacing consumables, an action consistent with the promise of the current administration of ensuring women access child spacing services free of charge.

Kaduna state in its 2020 budget earmarked N100 million naira for procurement of child spacing consumables, and another N12 million to be spent on transportation of the consumables, training of service providers and conducting supportive supervision, among others.

We commend the state government for its consistency and commitment to improving the life of women through continuous allocation of funds to drive child spacing programme in the state.

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