National Coordinator, Comrade Elliot Afiyo

…PDP to allow Northeast produce party’s flagbearer

…..advises Goodluck never to contest under any party

Trace Tracereporters –A nonpolitical Northern group under the umbrella of Northern Youth Leaders forum NYLF said they observed with keep interest the political permutations going on in the country towards the 2023 presidency with acknowledging the fact that it is only God that gives power but said they believe in the acceptable will of God.

The National Coordinator, Comrade Elliot Afiyo in a press conference in Yola, Adamawa state while reading the text advised that the group’s position is in the interest of justice, peace, and unity of the country to adhere to the gentleman’s agreement exists in the All Progressives Congress (APC) that the party produces its flag-bearer from the south-west zone.

The group further advised that the power rotation in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was dead and buried in 2011 and as such, the PDP is advised to pick its presidential candidate from the north-east if at all, the party intends to make headway and bounce to power in 2023.

On the rumored intention and interests by the former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to contest in the 2023 presidential election, the group categorically advised he not to accept any invitation to contest under any party because the northern extraction will never vote for him no matter the indices people are seeing.

“In the same vein, we want to advise our elders and elites from the north-west to shelve or discontinue any interest in the presidency or vice presidency come 2023 for the interest and unity of the northern region. The NYLF which has overwhelming membership and support from north-west has resolved not to support or vote for any party that presents her candidate from the north-west for the presidency or vice presidency.” The statement read

In the statement, Mr. Elliot read with regret how the #Endsars protests were hijacked by miscreants and charlatans who took the singular advantage to destroy and looting government and private properties. These acts brought colossal losses and brought down the economy especially the Northern States.

“We have witnessed with great dismay, the magnitude and negative impacts of these protest in this very state of Adamawa were some criminal youths went as far as carrying tractors as palliatives. While condemning such acts, we are mindful of the fact that the youths were forced by the economic hardship in the country. We also frown at the decision of some state governors who harbor the palliatives in warehouses instead of sharing with the people. Thank God for our timely intervention.

“From the intelligence reports we received from our zonal and state coordinators and also from some of our members in the security circle, the second wave of these protests as planned by their sponsors, should not be allowed to take place in any of the northern states and Abuja.

“We have credible intelligence reports which show that the sponsors of these protests have strategized to bring down completely the already recessed Nigerian economy to give way for a military takeover and final disintegration of the country which we considered and truly too, unacceptable.

“To this end, we want to sound a serious warning to the organizers and all their sponsors to discontinue their plans and embrace dialogue or face whatever consequences as a result of the protests.

“All our zonal and state chapters are fully mobilized and prepared for a violent confrontation with the protesters in any part of the North and Abuja. The Federal and Northern States Governments and all the security agencies are hereby notified by the press conference to take proactive measures to avert this impending crisis. It is our belief and generally too, that our democratic system has provided enough room for setting or solving our problems.
If this government is perceived to be a failed government, then we ought to change it through the ballot box in 2023.” The statement revealed

While making emphasis on the group’s vision and mission in the statement, Elliot continues to read that:

“The NYLF is an umbrella body of forty-two (42) northern youth groups formed on the 20th of January, 1990 by the northern political, religious, military and traditional elites to propagate, protect and secure the interest of the north within the national interest since then the NYLF has been so faithful to this task irrespective of ethnic, religious or regional differences. In line with this thereof, we feel strongly to address you today.

“We are very much concerned with the security challenges of insurgency, kidnapping, and banditry in the country, especially in the north-west and north-east. We are pained that human beings are being slaughtered like chickens on daily basis. The massive killings in Sokoto, Zmafara, Katsina, and Kebbi states which are on daily basis are not reported by either the print or electronic media for fear of being killed by the bandits and the government is not making enough efforts to address these situations.

“While acknowledging the fact that the service chiefs have overstayed and overdue for replacements, we wish to state that the solution to solving these security challenges is beyond the sacking of the service chiefs.

Consequently, we are strongly calling for the complete overhauling of the security architecture in the country to face securely, the security challenges.”

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