Presiding Pastor of The King of All Kings Church of the Capstone, Chris Delvan Gwamna Ajiyat
Birthday: LOC Rolls Out Programme Of Events For Pst. Chris Devan @60 
 Trace Reporters –The Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the preparation of 60th birthday on December 12, 2020 of the Presiding Pastor of The King of All Kings Church of the Capstone, Chris Delvan Gwamna Ajiyat has called on all the body of Christ in Nigeria and beyond to felicitate with the servant of God.
At a Press briefing on Friday in Kaduna,  Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, Pastor Isaiah Bulus who made the call, heralded one of the presiding Pastor’s indelible marks in the service of God.
These include, Chris Delvan’s participation in translating the Revised Standard Version Bible into Hausa language for the bible league of the United States of America. The project was successfully completed in 2003,
 According to the committee, the church has a vision of establishing 30 churches, but so far,  two have been established.
The LOC emphasised that beyond this birth day thanks giving event, they hope to instill the spirit of appreciation in the hearts of people, bring about healing in ailing relationships and herald a new phase for the entire ministry.
“In the light of the above, we are calling on the body of Christ in Nigeria and beyond as well as the general public, to felicitate with our Pastor and be part of the celebration physically, virtually, spiritually, financially and otherwise.
“Most of the event shall be streamed live via all our social media handles. All attendees of any of the events are also called upon to observe our security procedures at the venue of the programs.
“We have liaised with the relevant security agents to ensure maintenance of law and order throughout the programs”.
“We have put in place the protocols as provided by the NCDC at all entrances and ensuring strict observance of the COVID-19 protocols.
“All guests are therefore advised to take personal responsibility and comply with our processes at the venue of the celebrations”.
Activities lined up include: health walk/medical outreach, leadership summit, public lecture, full house worship, birthday celebration service. All activities can be live streamed on the official facebook page-Chris Delvan Gwamna Ministries.
He said the purpose of Celebrating the man, Chris Delvan Gwamna Ajiyat who hails from Kagoro, Kaura Local Government of Kaduna State, Nigeria, includes the following: He surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and saviour. In response to the call of God upon his life to go raise a generation in the order of the Holy Spirit, he went into full-time ministry. As it stands now, Pastor Chris has been used of God in different offices of the five-fold ministry – as an Apostle, a Teacher, an Evangelist, a Prophet and Pastor. He has served the Lord whole heartedly and touched many lives around the world. Why this celebration?  First of all, the scripture enjoins us to be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises (Heb 6:12). Also, Gal 6:6 said: “let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things”. This celebration is platform for such communication, it’s a time to let God’s servant know that his service to God and man is well appreciated. We believe life is for the living, it’s not in the grave that one can be celebrated necessarily. The prophet Isaiah said: For the grave cannot praise thee, death cannot celebrate thee… (Isai 38:18). Therefore, we judge God faithful, giving us the opportunity to celebrate a man whom God has helped and is still helping.  Thus, we the members of The King of all Kings Church of the Capstone, together with other senior pastors of sister churches, friends of the ministry alongside his wife and family; have come together to organize this birthday celebrations in obedience to God’s word and the leading of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.  
Over the years, God has worked in and through Pastor Chris Delvan to bless myriads of people around the world in various ways through:  1. The preaching and teaching of the undiluted Word of God, dismantling error and pointing many to the authentic gospel of Christ;  
2. The delivery of accurate and scripturally sound prophetic Word to various individuals, groups, assemblies, states, the nation and indeed other nations; 3. evangelization to the lost, a missionary at heart who is passionate about the salvation of the lost;  4. countless prophetic and edifying songs, a psalmist of our time whose songs have blessed the body of Christ around the world, albums like: The Day of his Power; Ends of the earth; Son Talk; Speak and New Nation;   5. strengthening lots of local assemblies and ministries worldwide;  6. translation of the English Bible, the Revised Standard Version into Hausa language;  7. calling the nation (Nigeria) to prayer and repentance, went round the 36 states of Nigeria to carry out this God-given assignment popularly known as PRAYER TOUR. 8. Undertook projects like: Night of a Thousand Sacrifices; Northern Light Conference; Davidic Praise; etc 9. proclamation of healing of the body and soul of many;  10. supporting uncountable people financially and spiritually;  11. establishing many in the faith through pastoral cover under Church auspices now known as The King of All Kings Church of the Capstone and indeed beyond the local assembly’s walls. 12. mentoring myriads of young ministers; the list goes on.  These and many more are the summarized reasons why we want to celebrate this Kingdom of God icon: Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna.   
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