Senator Representing Adamawa Northern Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Mr Ishaku Abbo

Adamawa: Sen Abbo Disarmed Man With Dane Gun Who Demands N2M Before His Allow To Pass

Trace Reporters –Adamawa Senator, Mr. Ishaku Abbo Elisha who is representing the Northern zone disarmed a Man with a locally made pistol who threatened to shot him if he does not give him Two million Naira before he pass on the road blocked against him.

The Man who according to eye witness was leading dozens of Youths and blocked him on his way to a wedding of his cousin last month in Mubi.

The eye witness said the locally made pistol was seized and handed over to security.

Contrary to a trending video on many social media platforms, he said the encounter was an attempt on his life by the Man holding the den gun.

He worried that the lack of Jobs by the teaming unemployed youth who are educated is a serious problem that the government in place must address fast before it will be totally out of hand.

He said it’s in his nature to support the less privileged in the society as some of the Youth are into so many criminal behaviors unwillingly, he blamed poverty and other societal ills as a result of idleness are the main reasons for such a rascal behavior.

“Most of the Youths are pushed into this, wasting their talents by doing something bad to the detriment of themselves and the society at large,” Abbo said

Ishaku in an interview with our correspondent revealed his plan to empower the Youths in his constituency with self-reliance businesses.

“That young man was not deliberate to have attempted attacking me with his den gun, idleness and poverty are eating deep into the fabric mental being of the youth in our society, it is harshly biting hard on them and I must try my best to take them out of that mess.

” Come this Saturday I will go back to my constituency to have a self-sustained empowerment program of millions of naira to help them regain their poverty freedom,” Abbo said

However, Ishaku is worried that his political enemies are seen in the sharing business of the video on a different narrative, this to him is a plus he has earned for some political class from the opposition party are finding him worthy of attacks.

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