Duduwale: The Agony Story Of A World Trekker In Honour of President Buhari’s Victory in 2015

The victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 has brought joy, singing and dancing by many Nigerians, especially the All Progressives Congress party loyalists who through the mantra campaign of change they sent packing the people ‘s democracy Party (PDP) government at Central and many States throughout the federation.

To Abubakar Duduwale and many young Nigerians from other parts of the country have trekked hundreds of kilometers to celebrate Buhari’s victory. The journey Duduwale, an indigene of Ganye LGA of Adamawa state took from Yola City gate to Abuja took over eight hundreds kilometers to reached Abuja.

Abubakar in 2015 became famous and turned a youth activist trekking from state to state educating young Nigerians the dangers of taking drugs indiscriminately.

But the historic world trekker to celebrate Buhari and democracy is on serious agony of how life is treating him upside down.

According to him the health challenge he went through with one of his legs almost amputated because of the hundreds kilometres h covered trekking preaching for peace, unity and youths to shun drugs if not because of the intervention of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Recently his children were seen roaming the streets of Jimeta because he can’t pay their fees,when contacted Duduwale in tears told our correspondent that feeding them is a problem talk more of paying their fees.

“My life has become subject of mockery, anywhere I go people have turned me to a laughing stock to the extend i searched of all manner of job but I couldn’t find any.” Abubakar said

He worried that the government in the state have not being kind to him as at many times when he visit government House in an effort to see the governor to help him with a job but some of his aides will tell hm to go to Buhari because he trekked for him.

“People failed to understand that the first trekking I did in 2015 it was to honor Buhari and democracy, but the subsequent one I did is for peace and unity of our nation and create awareness for our youths to shun all forms of illicit drugs.

” They are now politicizing it and making me subject of Mockery.” He added

He called on President Buhari who has being a source of support to him to help him out in this his sorry state.

“Nenne- I mean the First Lady, Mrs Aishatu Buhari you are our mother from Adamawa state please don’t leave to end this way. The SGF, Boss mustapha remember me at this trying time of mine. Like wise Governor Ahmadu Fintiri I’m all calling on you to save my life.” Duduwale said.

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