On Friday, October 29, 2020, Julius Berger Nigeria Plc’s aluminum and glass processing subsidiary, Abumet Nigeria limited, launched a new and improved website, www.abumet-nigeria.com, to provide clients a top of the line virtual experience.


Julius Berger Abumet pioneering pecialised glazed glass manufacturing plant at IDU industrial area Abuja FCT

The website provides detailed information on all Abumet’s products including technical specifications and customization options – allowing users an opportunity to explore products and services safely and comfortably from their home or office.

The Julius Berger Abumet Factory and Administrative office at IDU industrial area Abuja FCT

Servicing both residential and commercial clients, Abumet provides developers, architects, contractors and homeowners a range of aluminum and glass solutions for their varying needs – for both new construction and renovation projects. The company’s range of solutions include aluminum doors and windows, insulated glass units, curtain walls, ventilated facades, sun protection systems, partition walls and glass railing systems.


Furthermore, Abumet offers top-of-the-line consulting to ensure the right solution for every requirement.


Julius Berger Abumet is a leading full-service aluminum and glass solutions provider with 30 years’ experience reliably delivering state-of-the-art products and services to the Nigerian building construction industry. The company’s portfolio covers both residential and commercial buildings of varying scopes, including private homes, housing estates, offices, high-rise apartments, new build and remodeled buildings.


Abumet’s team of engineers and specialized staff are experts in their field, with unrivaled technical knowhow and proven capabilities ensuring the consistent successful implementation of projects. Abumet prides itself on being invested in the long term performance of our solutions, offering top-of-the-line consulting to ensure suitable systems fit to meet each projects’ exact needs – making Abumet the ideal choice for businesses, architects, engineers and individuals seeking quality aluminum and glass solutions.

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