Baba-Ahmed Has No Moral Authority Asking Sanusi To Stay Off Zazzau Succession Issue, Group Says

Trace Reporters –As the Zazzau Emirate’s Succession debacle continues to linger with no clear date for announcing next emir of the prominent First Class Kingdom, a group Zaria Progressive Minds has said Hakeem Baba Ahmed had no moral justification urging former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to stay off Zazzau Emirate’s issue, asking the former permanent secretary to focus on contributing his quota towards developing Zaria and the state in general.

Chairman of the Group, Musa Wusasa in a press statement exonerated the former Governor of Central Bank and Governor El-rufai of any wrongdoing and blame in the delay in emergence of new emir, saying the Kaduna Governor was being thorough to ensure a credible candidate with integrity succeed late Shehu Idris to consolidate the task of uniting people in the state and moving the Emirate forward.

He wondered the temerity and the stakes of Baba-ahmed, a foreigner from Mauritania according to Wusasa, in a kingdom Succession issue that had nothing to do with the Baba-ahmed’s family, admonishing the former chieftain of APC to restrict himself to issues of immediate concerns to his family business.

“I can authoritatively tell you that what Baba-Ahmed said urging Sanusi Lamido to stay off Zaria issue is capable of overheating an already delicate process that must be handled with caution and Statesmanship particularly, at this time that various interests and personalities who do not wish well for our kingdom are trying to outwit one another.

“The impression people will have from Baba-Ahmed undue public alarm is that Sanusi Lamido is trying to singlehandedly enthrone new emir which is not true.

“Sanusi’s closeness to Governor El-rufai dated back long time ago and the two allies are more of brothers. Trying to create cleavage between the two friends is unwarranted at this time .

“Baba-Ahmed should tell us what he has done to improve the lives of Zaria people from his previous engagements in public and private sectors.

“We therefore, see no reason and justification for his unnecessary outbursts against Sanusi Lamido and Governor El-rufai on issue that is beyond his scope of interference.

“Despite information reaching us that one of the governor’s close Aide is mounting pressure that his preferred candidate must be selected as the new emir.

“We know who El-rufai is, his a man of no nonsense, we are sure that he will not bow to any pressure from anywhere, he will make sure that the right process is followed”, Wusasa said.

Lola Seriki Idahosa /News

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