Peace and Forgiveness Not Optional, says Widows of Ethno- religious killings 

Trace Reporters –As part of peace, forgiveness & reconciliation among victims of southern kaduna ethno-religious Killings and vengeance attack , Katrine and Marwanatu Two bereave  widows (Christian & muslims)that lost their husbands and childrens, homes and property  have forgiven those that killed their loves once and decided to live together.

They are now spreading the gospel of forgiveness & recounciliation for people to live in peace and harmony and to share their testimony for the Importance of living together without any kind of intimidation to promote Christian-muslims relationship in the country.

In a short summary of marwanatu Abubakar a resident at kasuwar magani a region in southern kaduna,during monthly peace journalism conference in kaduna organize by interfaith mediation centre and supported by mercy corp.

She told news men that some group of well equipped  youth from no where  came into their house burned the  home  and killed her husband,,

They killed him in such a way that she would not ever forget in her memory

she said the crisis in southern kaduna has cause  a serious set back  that has affected peace stability, education,,economy and increase insecurity challenges.

She note that Kasuwan Magani used to be a peaceful community as muslims and Christians has been living together for many years without any forms of threat and insecurity problems.

Marwanatu said, she has forgiven all those that killed her husband and burned their house, while calling on every victims of southern kaduna attacks to equally forgive those that killed their love once for peace and unity and for the progress of the Nation.

While calling on state and federal government to equally provide adequate security, she then called on residents to remember the day of resurrection

She called on southern kaduna youth to shun all forms of violence and embrace peace,

Katrine benard has equally narrated how she lost her husband and childrens at the same gangs attack of kasuwar magani the same day

She explained in detail how the killers came to her house and killed her sick husband and her daughter the same day

Kathrine has forgiven those that killed her husband and her daughter

She chooses to spread the gospel of forgiveness and reconciliation among all  the victims of southern kaduna

The two bereave women after losing their husbands and some of the their childrens are now staying in a rented house.

One of the great challenges they face is lack of food and skilled to take care of the remaining orphans.

As they continued to spread the gospel of peace and forgiveness, they equally appealed to state and federal government ,corporate organization and wealthy individual to support them morally and financially on ways to take care of their remaining rescue childrens.
The co-founder of the interfaith mediation center Dr Nuraini Ashafa, said.

Lola Seriki Idahosa/ News

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