Zazzau Emirate Imbroglio : Group Stresses Need For Healthy Candidate To Succeed Late Idris.

Trace Reporters –As suspense for awaiting emergence of new Emir of Zazzau gets tense, a Group has called on Governor Nasiru elRufai to scrutinize medical records of all contenders to ensure only a healthy candidate becomes next Emir of Zazzau.

In a statement to newsmen signed by Chairman of the group known as Zaria Progressive Minds, Musa Wusasa said the need to choose an Emir with no history of serious health challenge had become necessary considering the fact that one of the contenders had been admitted in hospital for a serious ailment , which he said could prevent him from carrying out his administrative duties effectively if eventually he ascends the throne of the Emirate.

“This is an unusual time and the most challenging in our history with multitudes of challenges awaiting whoever becomes new Emir of Zazzau.

“The need to have a healthy, vibrant and committed Emir who is capable of facing the Emirate’s problems head-on cannot be overemphasized, thus our emphasis on enthroning an individual with no serious health challenges.

“We cannot afford at this to have as our Emir who will be running helterskelter attending to his health issues leaving affairs of the Emirate in hands of proxies who would be serving interests of others who may not mean well for our people.

“We emphasize in addition to having a healthy Emir, the necessity of having an individual with high moral pedigree, compassionate, learned, above all the ability to manage crisis situations within his domain.

Mr Wusasa however, expressed sympathy with the sick contender and wished him speedy recovery.

Lola Seriki Idahosa/ News

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