Southern Kaduna Attacks: Politicians Silence In The Face Of Grief, by Edward John Auta

Southern Kaduna Attacks: Politicians Silence In The Face Of Grief, by Edward John Auta

The past few months have been spectacularly and particularly challenging for the people of Southern Kaduna in particular and the state at large. Government’s failure to protect lives and property has led to loss of several lives and rendered thousands of law-abiding citizens homeless and in dire humanitarian crisis.

Regrettably, apart from Dist. Sen. Shehu Sani and Rt. Hon. Isa Ashiru Kudan, who have been speaking against the killings and holding government to account, majority of political leaders in the state have gone mute and missing in action at this critical time.

Since the beginning of the recent crisis, I have read a couple of tweets and statements from Sen. Sani condemning the killings, commiserating with the victims, challenging government to arrest the situation and calling for the end of the attacks. About two weeks ago, Sen. Shehu Sani capped his solidarity with a visit to the SOKAPU Secretariat, where he physically pledged his support to the people and expressed his genuine displeasure with the unfortunate happenings in our region.

Likewise, I am aware that Rt. Hon. Ashiru Kudan has vehemently condemned the mayhem, sympathized with the affected persons, enjoined the people to live in peace with one another and called on the government to intensify efforts in nipping the security challenge in Southern Kaduna in particular and the state in general in the bud, through a number of press statements and a widely publicized media chat. Beyond that he was recently reported to have donated the sum of 500k each to the IDP Camps in Zonkwa and Mariri.

The actions of the two are most commendable and worthy of emulation by all concerned, especially those who come to our doorsteps during elections to seek for our support and vote. This is the hallmark of good leadership and concern for the plight of the victims.

It is shocking that someone like Sen. Suleiman Hunkuyi who is known to be a serial guber contestant, who perpetually come to seek the support of the people of Southern Kaduna could keep mute and turn a blind eye in the face of this wanton killings, destruction of properties and absence of peace in the area. More so, we are aware of the amount of time, energy and resources he has been dispensing in trying to hijack the leadership of the PDP in the state. It is now glaring that Sen. Hunkuyi’s self proclaimed “love” for the people of Southern Kaduna starts and ends during election. His silence, refusal to show empathy and sympathy is heartbreaking and unbecoming of a leader. Of what essence is Hunkuyi’s much touted oratory or political prowess, if he can’t lend his voice to the mitigation of the challenges faced by a section of a state he wishes to govern?

As for H.E Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, his case is not only pathetic but appalling. Even when he had the opportunity to address some of the lingering issues, rather than taking the bull by the horn to deliver good governance, he was busy basking in the euphoria of the office of the governor with so much arrogance and naivety. Therefore, one is not surprised by his palpable silence in the face of the people’s adversity.

No politician’s ambition is worth consideration if he doesn’t remember the people in their moments of grief. After all, the people have to first be alive, safe and sound for any politician to be able to seek the opportunity to govern them. Clearly, Hunkuyi and Yero have failed in this regard.

With such an array of brazenly selfish crop of politicians in the state, we can only pray that God may deliver us from such manipulators who remember us only when they need our votes. 2023 will soon come, and the chicken shall surely come home to roost. WE DEY WAIT!

~Edward John Auta

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