Mrs. Precious Barnabas, former kaduna House of Assembly aspirant, Kajuru Constituency, kaduna State.

Trace Reporters –Mrs Precious Barnabas is  former aspirant into kaduna State House of Assembly, Kajuru Constituency, a successful businesswoman, she is among the few women from Maro ward in Kajuru Local Government Area who has been in active politics since 1998, said as an Adara woman, she wants to serve her people who have invested so much on her education.  she is set to contribute her quota to the growth of her community as she is aspiring to be a member of the House of Assembly, representing Kajuru Constituency in Kaduna State under the People’s Democratic party (PDP).

Mrs. Precious Barnabas, former kaduna House of Assembly aspirant, Kajuru Constituency, kaduna State.

 Mrs Precious’s passion and commitment to youth, women driven policies has earned her recognitions from her people. She recently contested for House of Assembly in the last Elections 2019 but lost out to the incumbent. She’s a devioted Christian, happily married to Pastor Barnabas Zakaria, bless with four children, she speaks to Lola Seriki Idahosa on her passion for women, Youths, politics and Southern kaduna killings.

Passion and Commitment

Being involved actively in politics is something my people are aware of and I have the blessings of Adara people, I also have full support of my husband, in 2019 I met the Ago of Adara to seek his blessing, the first thing he said was that, ‘i thought River has swept away women from Kajuru Local Government’, he then bless me and assured me of his supports. I actually started politics in 1998 with Zero Party, but presently am in PDP and determine to serve my people, am in politics to serve my people. I contested for House of Assembly in 2019 and lost to the incumbent. Women in my area are not been encourage to actively be involved in politics, I am advising women to be fully involve. If am given the opportunity to represent my people at the State House of Assembly, I will bring to Adara All- Inclusive governance to my people. Adara people are loving people, they are peace makers.

I appreciate kaduna Goverrnor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai for coming out with that passion for women to have hope, he gave women in his party hope and his also carrying them along, he should keep pushing up for women both in the state and at national level.

I most commend Governor El-Rufai for selecting a woman as his deputy, this is a wake up call for women to know that they are politically relevant, I appreciate my husband, Pastor Barnabas Zakaria, for his support even though as a clergy he allowed me to participate in politics.

My Desire to serve

If given the opportunity to serve my people, I will advocate and bring the demands of those without voices to the fore. The interaction with policy makers and understudying what the missing link is for those in office and the beneficiaries, and also interacting with people from both my locality, having seen the lack of communication and the attention given to the led and the citizens.

What i will do differently,

I am in this to serve the people, their needs and their voices are my core mandate, I have dedicated my life to reach out to those who have not the strength, the voice or ably represented, to help bring solutions to the desperate needs of my people. I will be that leader who is reachable, available and hands on, that creates synergy between the people and the action plans, as they will be part of the major decision processes that concern them across board.

My Focus

Being devoted at the grassroots has been my key focus because, for me, leadership should start from the bottom up, those at rural areas are key stakeholders to the economy and the development of Nigeria, I have dialogues to look at issues bothering on the minds of the youth, form quality education and most importantly employment. I have also seen from the interactions and the interventions that the level of orientation and self development especially or knowing who they are is key, living a purpose driven life having a core mandate to reach out to those around them.

Women and Children

Issue of women and children, this issue is very close to my heart because it is a need that urges me to keep advocating for mainstreaming women into governance. Over the years the most intense part of my life was looking at issues bordering on women and the girl child, especially in giving voice to the trauma of problems bedevilling women especially at the grassroots. I found that there was a huge disconnect between women and leadership, a disconnect between the policies and the key issues at the core, a lack of representation at the lowest level thereby disenfranchising women at the bottom from being part of the decision making. Policy development, social innovation and mentorship is quite lacking amongst the three levels of governance amongst women.

My resolve to run for State House of Assembly seat

My decision to run for the state assembly in order to bring about new innovation that will opens up the space for women in decision making and literacy.

Youths in Kaduna state

For the youths in kaduna state the issue had never been lack of energy or willingness, but rather the energy for the right things and the right way, the willingness to unlearn the stereotypes embedded in the understanding of leadership. There’s a lot of work to be done as I am already doing especially in the areas of social and mental reorientation.

Leadership Focus

Leadership have failed in leaving the right footsteps in the sand, very few, the exemplary template for what should become the normal has been confused. So the first point for me is social reorientation, self discovery and self development, when we have qualitative human capacity, development is more impact full, when we have youths who are a brand for honesty and Integrity then we are able to develop and sustain development.

Women Attitude Towards Politics

I always feel bad over The lukewarm attitude of our women to politics, our women, understand politics better because politics started from the home but shy away from the main politics, don’t be intimidated, rather come out with plans that will make them saleable to the electorate. as an Adara woman, who wants to serve her people who have invested so much on her education.

I advised women to Know their purpose in seeking elective position and in governance, Mentor other women and expand the space for women to become part of the decision-making population in the country, so as to enhance development at all spheres. Women for women, we can only be strong together. We have the population, we have capacity and we have the drive, every woman should decide that, at every election, only political parties who have women as part of their agenda and at least one woman who emerges at the primaries would have the vote of the Nigerian women.

On Southern Kaduna Killings, the act is an attack from the devil, the crises in Southern Kaduna is unfortunate that so many lives are being lost on daily bases, we called for vigilance and prayerful as the attacks is the handiworks of the Devil.

I urge my people to cooperate with the government and security agencies in their bid to proffer solutions to the killings.

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