Trace Reporters –The Monthly forum of Interfaith Mediation Center (IMC) with the Media on peace Journalism has lamented over the increase in killings and rape bedevilling the state.

The forum attracted policy makers, security personnel, media from broadcast, print and the new media, was to basically to get the various strategic policy makers on issues of security, rape and others to discuss and provide solutions to the challenges.

In a paper presentation the kaduna state Commissioner for Human Services and Social Development Hafsat Baba Ahmed, Speaking on the “challenges of women and girls in volatile communities in the areas of Rape, conflicts situations, domestic violence, forced marriage and involvement in peace building activities” represented by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Human Services and Social Development, Mallam Adamu Mansur.

She said so far about four hundred and eighty four (484) cases of rape has been reported so far, five hundred and ninety nine (599) people we’re arrested, five hundred and nine (509) number of survivors, twenty-three (23) cases under investigation, three hundred and twenty-four (324) number of cases recorded, a total of number of defilement is ninety-four (94), number of unnatural offences is fifty-nine (59) cases while four hundred and sixty-one (461) cases we’re prosecuted, saying that all these cases were recorded at the sexual abuse referral center in the state.

She pointed out, that “peace building is a process initiated to gradually have a change of attitude and interest/opinion to slowly erode internal wounds and barriers,while gradually rebuilding new structures which cannot be imposed by force or coercion but can be negotiated through mutual understanding and its reciprocal”.

He also noted that” achieving this can approach empowering and strengthening women, girl’s capacity to participate and get involved at all levels of peace building process is key and most especially with the new emerging issues couple with the new normal situation posed by Covid-19 pandemic as one too many.

According to the Commissioner, “proactive efforts and delibrate actions need to be taken as immediate measures to addressing the manace of sexual and gender based issues in-dept”.

The forum which was held at the IMC Kaduna center also featured the representatives of the Nigerian police and the Civilian JTF Kaduna,among other things.

Also speaking at the forum, a Co-Executive Director of the Centre, Pastor James Movel Wuye, noted that the focus of this month’s forum is basically to get the various strategic policy makers on issues of security, rape and others to discuss and provide solutions to the challenges “we are so happy today the forum has interacted with policy makers and the statements they made are mostly policy related statements”

According to him, that has afforded the stakeholders the opportunity for synergy, interaction and collaboration between the the civilian JTF, state government and the Nigerian Police “and having you the Media to report that the policy makers are coming together to address issues of Security, peaceful co-existence, gender related challenges. and all that they have said to us is a great step in the right direction.

“And am so happy that they said to you (Journalists) that this is just the beginning of such interactions that they look forward to deepening the conversation,that you have had with them;to us is a good step in the right direction”he added.

He then gave a panacea to the crises and attacks bedevilling our society by calling for the breaking of the circle of violence on the side of the communities, And on the perpetrators of such heinous acts he noted that God will surely hold them accountable at the appointed time.

He further charge the government to awake in their responsibility of protecting lives and property of the Citizens by taking drastic steps to end the killings adding that, there is need for the government to also at all times “empathize,sympathize and also show that they are also sharing in the pains of the people both in Birnin Gwari and Southern Kaduna”.

According to the Chairman JTF Kaduna State, Engr Shehu Usman Dantudo,while giving an insight on their contribution to peace of the state and challenges said “We have been helping in keeping the peace in Kaduna, we assist the police,who are constitutionally empowered to make sure that crime and criminality is taken care of in Kaduna State.

While reiterating that there is working relationship with the police in the state, he made a passionate appeal saying “So we are helping the police and equally helping the government of the day,so that the government will have it easy,so that,there will be no trouble in the course of their governance; equally,we are pleading with government to recognize us by making us become members of Kaduna State Vigilance Service”he stated

Lola Seriki Idahosa /News

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