Photo of Co- Executive Directors Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye and Nurayn Ashaka of interfaith mediation centre
Tracereporters –The Community Peace Action Network (CPAN) of the Interfaith
Mediation Centre (IMC), Kaduna has harps on peace following the
recent attack in Southern Kaduna leading to wide spread killings and
maiming of innocent persons including women and children as well as
destruction of possession.
In a press statement signed by it’s co- Executive Directors Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye and Nurayn Ashaka and  made available to TraceReporters noted that these horrible attacks on innocent citizens is really worrisome,
According to the statement “a situation that is still ravaging communities
in form of attacks as; land related disputes, banditry, kidnapping, crop
and livestock farmers clash, ethnic and religious conflict/extremism, has
become the center stage in southern Kaduna and other locations within
the State.
“Our Centre disturbed by the raging attacks, killings, and inhuman abuse
of the right to live is a source of concern hence as a faith based organization, that believes in the cardinal doctrines of our faith, which does not accept and condemns killing of innocent life’s and which has no basis in our our faith tradition.
“Our Centre as part of our commitment to foster peaceful coexistence among the people and using this platform
and appealing to all Nigerians to join the Community of Champions for Change to bring to a stop the violence and colossal destruction in the affected communities.
“We also appreciate the efforts and commitment and dedication of Nigerian’s that have join their voice to speak against the ugly incidences by their actions to ensure that peace prevail with
that region and the country at large.
“The Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) is ever ready to support any move
that will bring about the desired peace in Southern Kaduna and in the
entire State.
“We are appealing to the citizens within the southern region of the State and other communities; and other part of the country to serve as ambassadors that promotes dialogue and to eschew bitterness and hate speeches; which has the potency to fan the embers of mass
atrocities by safeguarding human security and peaceful coexistence and
to end the spate of violence in the State and the country in General.
“The Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) wish to call on all relevant
government agencies at all levels to intensify efforts in bringing these
killings to an end, with pragmatic framework to end this barbaric.
“Mentality in Kaduna State and around the country. As a country that professes belief in God, we are calling on the government, seeing the happenings, that has triggered some groups on blame game concerning the attacks and wanton killings.
“We are calling on the government and all relevant agencies and stakeholders to ensure by safeguarding the lives and property of the people, while making frantic efforts to investigate the remote and immediate causes of the attacks and violence with the view to address
the upheavals by providing a lasting solution and bringing the culprits to
face the wrath of the law.
“We are using this medium to commend the efforts of notable faith based organizations/institutions, traditional and community leaders, media organizations, the Kaduna State Government and the Federal
Government in making sure that they bring to an end the violent attacks
and insecurity in the southern part of the State.
“We are appealing for more efforts in response to early indicators of information reported so that effective response will be effected by
the relevant security agencies in restoring the culture of peace, respect
for rule of law and in all regions with the southern part of the State and
in other communities and the country as a whole.
“We are also appealing for security measures to be put in strategic areas
at the local government and State level to ensure that livestocks and
crop farmers are protected from attackers as the farming season is in
the fore, while also appealing for local community dialogues and
community policing to be organized by community members in line to
protect the lives of the vulnerable members of community.
The statement therefore appealed to government to alleviate the suffering of the people.
Lola Seriki Idahosa/ News
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