Tracereporters –Senior members of the Oshiomhole-administration, including former Deputy Governor, Dr. Pius Odubu, have brushed off the findings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by Edo State Government to investigate the construction of the Specialist Hospital in Benin.
The Commission accused Oshiomhole of contravening the state’s procurement law, but the former officials have disputed the claim through a statement released today.
They described the investigation process and its findings as lopsided revisionism devoid of facts, particularly because the present administration had earlier on vetted and recognized the same project as duly completed without blemish.
They said: “To cast magnifying light on the blurry element of this case, it is imperative to state that the 75% upfront payment was used for the purpose of the equipment, and they were delivered completely, to the newly built hospital. Even, the same Governor Godwin Obaseki who instituted a commission of inquiry received and acknowledged, on the 11th day of September 2018, GOODS COMPLETION CERTIFICATE from Vamed Engineering.”
“The certificate, by its arrival and reception, conveyed the comprehensive “supply & installation of medical equipment to the new accident and emergency unit and 200-bed ward complex at the five-star central hospital.” This certificate was received by Obaseki’s government and had the provision of its statement supervised, verified, and commended as of then, by Obaseki’s government. One may ask: what has changed?”
“All these lapses create doubts and worry in our minds and leads us into onerous contemplation. Is Governor Godwin Obaseki, arising from his inability to forcefully get Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to support his 2nd term ambition, trying to stir the waters and abortively soil the names and reputations of his former colleagues? Is he trying to wrong a right or draw a red herring across the trail just to enact chaos and ride it in his favor?”
“What of the officials, like him, and others who were in the previous government, who played a role in the project contract he is trying to criminalize, and who are equally currently in his government? Have they been anointed with the oil of innocence and forgiveness because they are in the current government and in support of his second term bid?”
“Most importantly, Governor Godwin Obaseki should note that the hopeless case he wants to doctor into existence can only come to a logical conclusion by indicting him, the current Governor, who was the Chairman, Economic Team, that advised on the 75% upfront payment. If this Judicial Commission of Inquiry is upright in character, and have really found material of substantial accusation, then its indictment must begin and end with Governor Godwin Obaseki.”v 4
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