Photo of Alhaji Tasiu Bala, the suspended PDP Lere Chairman caretaker Committee, kaduna

Tracereporters –In what can be considered a supremacy battle over who calls the shot in 2023, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State is in a crisis that might tear the party apart.

Lere Local Government People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is facing nine political problems that the Chairman Caretaker Committee has not been able to resolve.
Some of the problems include “lack of holding meeting since after the general election 2019”, “Gross misconduct and anti party”, “take party as personal property”, “Misappropriation of fund”, created division between major stakeholders” among other problems.
In a letter address to the Chairman caretaker Committee People’s Democratic party (PDP) kaduna state with tittle ‘Notice of suspension of Alhaji Tasiu Bala Chairman, Caretaker Committee Lere Local Government Area for the period of six months’
The letter stated that “the resolution of Lere LG PDP Executive and ward Chairman and their secretaries dated 19th May, 2020.
“The executive committee of the LG and wards Chairman ratified the decisions taken at the meetings of 18th may, 2020 which was appropriately communicated and convey to you section 16. (2)(a) of the PDP constitution provides that we shall identify Alhaji Tasiu Bala as the political problems in Lere LG PDP with the above problems.
According to the letter, “Suspension takes effect from 19th May 2020, Committee is mandated to investigate the above allegations strictly and follow the constitution of PDP as amended in 2017”
“In the interim Hon. Salisu Kula the deputy Chairman Caretaker Committee shall take over the leadership of the party on acting capacity pending the outcome of the investigation”
Below is the letter with names and signature of executive and wards Chairmen and their secretaries:
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