Lessons And Benefits Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is the central anchor of the church of God.

Below are some of the facts and benefits of this great event:

1. Life is stronger than death.

The resurrection of Jesus showed that life is stronger than death, light is stronger than darkness and righteousness is stronger than wickedness.

2. When the enemy has done his worst, then the stage is set for God to do His best.

The devil thought that he had done his worst by crucifying Jesus, but God stepped in and took him by surprise.

3. What is the end with man is the beginning with God.

This means, where man ends is where God begins, God is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

4. Nothing is too wrong that cannot be righted by the power of God.

The worst situation on earth can be made right by the power of God.

5. God always reserves His best for the last.

God does not do mega things in a hurry; He does great things at the unexpected time, His own time.

6. One act of God can counteract generations of enemy activities.

The enemy held humanity in bondage for generations since the days of Adam, but God released mankind from the power of darkness at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So dear brothers and sisters, as we celebrate this day marking the resurrection of our Lord, lay claim of what Christ has purchased for you by his suffering, death and resurrection. It doesn’t matter how long that affliction in your life has lasted, be concerned about how drastic your deliverance can be in Jesus Name. Amen.


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