Ize Iyamu

Easter is a special celebration for Christians that serves as a reminder of the selfless love and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and his victory over death.

We know that for many across the globe, and in our dear Edo state, the celebration will be different this year. The outbreak of COVID-19 has made certain restrictions necessary and confined us to our homes. This, alongside the apocalyptic scenes in some parts of the world, has caused many to worry and despair.

Some are wondering if things will ever get back to normal and if we will ever be able to commune, dine and celebrate together again.

I wish to say to everyone that there is hope; hope that humanity shall prevail especially if we follow all health guidelines by reporting symptoms, staying at home, practicing good personal hygiene, and obeying government regulations.

There is hope when we embody the selfless love of Christ by looking out for our neighbors and taking responsible actions that do not put our communities at risk. We must also have hope that just as Christ rose from the darkness of the grave on the third day, we will also emerge from this dark alley stronger and together as a people.

On behalf of my wife, Professor Idia Ize Iyamu, and my family, I wish you all a solemn Good Friday and a happy Easter.”

Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu

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