…Nigerian woman with multiple  twins, finally  gave birth to quadruplets kids in a remote village without any attending anti-natal or medical check-up

Large number of quadruplets /quintuplets mums in remote rural villages of  northern Nigeria hardly survived neither their little children’s  after given birth as a result of  pains and stressed they passed through during long labour while given birth to such a large number of kids

And some due to over dependence of traditional way of given birth and lack of anti-natal care with other medical check-up to diagnose their early illness before putting to bed also contributed to such a huge number of maternal and infant maternity death in rural areas .

 Zainab –Abu, age 30  is a resident of Makwalla-community in Igabi kaduna state north western Nigeria who recently gave birth to quadruplets in the village without going for any  medical check-up or anti-natal.

According to her lack of facility and distance barrier with inadequate transport facilities in the village  make her abandoned going to for  medical check-up for all the pregnancies  she has been carrying for many years.

She said, “she has been given birth to multiple number  of twins in the villages with out going for any medical diagnosis, or to see a Doctor , and this time she  delivered all the four kids at her  husband house without any assistance from any one”

Zainab says, she never attended any anti-natal or medical diagnosis due to distance and lack of means to go to hospital for any counseling or child –birth spacing.

She said, she has been given birth to twins for multiple  times,  but this is the first time she gave birth to quadruplets.

“I have gone through serious  pains, stressed and indeed its not really easy given birth to these  four kids in a village without any support, but to God be the glory, am fine”

“I always used traditional medicine and other drugs from local drugs vendors in the village when ever I feel  pain in my body”

Zaibab said, she choses to give birth at home instead of going to far-away hospital which involve using the local commercial canoes and used of Okada machine to cross the River.

She said, must of the women in the village like child-birth spacing but there is no one to counsel them on how to do it

Mallam Mohammadu Kabiru  Hassan is the husband to zaiban said his very happy with the newly born babies in the house, while thanking God for her save delivery, he equally pray for her.

Although he expressed dissatisfaction  through the pains most of the pregnant women in the village faces when ever it comes to given birth due to lack of hospital or any primary health care in the area.

He says, most women in the community faces great challenges due to distance to the primary health care which is located after crossing kaduna River,

Kabiru pointed out that  most of the habitants in the village has to used local canoes as a means of cross the River in other to link-them up with the major city for the activities and other transaction they want to do.

With the population of over 800 habitants in the village, what they depends on in terms of accessing medical care for their women and childrens is from the local drug vendors in the village or traditional herbs.

Kabiru stated that his wife has never gone to any medical diagnosis or antenatal since they got married, and he has been given birth at home with any assistance from traditional birth attendant.

He said, she has so far 12 kids but some have died.

He then called on state government to complete the abandoned hospital project that has been in their community for long time

Saying that completing that hospital would surely reduce the large number of women dieying annually while cross the river for anti-natal or any medical check-up

Similarly ,  Malam Mohammadu Bashiru, the District Head of Makwalla Kurmin Kaduna community in Kaduna State, who also lamented on the high rish most of the village women faces,  he appealed to the state government to establish  more Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) in the area to handle the health needs of the people.

Bashiru said building more PHCs in communities across River kaduna would reduce problems associated with maternal and infant mortality and other ailments suffered by people in the villages.

He recalled how pregnant women living on the other side of the river suffer while crossing in canoes to access healthcare centres, saying “some women lose their babies on the way to the health centres,while some even delivered their babies in the canoes.

In another development, Many women in Hayin Kogi-Mishigi, another  village in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State lament that they face hardships while some die while trying to cross the river in canoes to access medical facilities, particularly women in labour.

Most of the villagers, including the women, are farmers, businessmen and fishermen who mostly conduct commercial activities by the river bank.

They said shortage of medical facilities was contributing to the death of women and children in the area, as most of them depend 100 per cent on using canoes as a mean of transportation, including transportation of all farm produce to Kaduna market.

Husband in the area who lost their wives appealled to state government to construct bridge in order to link them up with the City.

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