—  The  chairman Senate Committee on Independent National Commission (INEC), Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya has congratulated the commission on its effort to sanitize the political terrain by deregistering 74 of the existing parties in Nigeria.

It will be recalled that the Kano South federal lawmaker has consistently advised  INEC to sanitize the commission by downsizing the number of registered parties in country to conform with international standards.

Senator Gaya said that printing bogus voter’s materials makes the commission’s  materials and activities untidy adding that downsizing the parties  will make election materials fanciful and good to look at, the senator added.

The former Kano State governor calls on Nigerians to support the commission under the leadership of Professor Mahmoud Yakubu for the effort to make the commission’s activities acceptable .

He added that if all hands are on deck, the commission will conduct acceptable election devoid of sharp practices that Nigerians are against in the past.

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