–Coalition of Northern based Human rights groups under aegis of Civil Society Groups for The Defence of Human Rights ,Justice and Equity today rose in defence of Alhaji Musa Abubakar ,the estranged husband of Nasiba Sani Dauda ,daughter of Kaduna based business man ,Alhaji Sani Dauda popularly known as (ASD) .

According to them , the Civil Society Groups united with the interwoven mandate of ensuring the protection of human rights, justice, equity and fairness for all classes of Nigerians, have followed with patriotic interest the sustained efforts by Alh. Sani Dauda (ASD) to arm-twist, subjugate and blackmail a hapless person, Abubakar Musa Abubakar.

They alleged that ASD as fondly called who is the father in law of Abubakar Musa Abubakar has encroached on the family life of the gentleman in a bid to puppeteer and control their young family along the reasoning of his whims and caprices.

“It is on record that for the singular fact that Mr. Abubakar Musa Abubakar refused to be a willing puppet and advised his wife to respect the sanctity of their marriage, he was subjected to consistent emotional and physical torture leading to the elopement of his wife Nāsiba and an arranged remarriage whilst her marriage with Abubakar Musa Abubakar was still in force.” They stated .

While stressing that the matter in question is still in Court , the groups expresses confidence in Judiciary to dispense justice appropriately.

However , they said ,” We are constrained to rise in defense of this gentleman (whom our scrupulous findings show to be of dignified conduct) on account of the fact that Alh Sani Dauda (ASD has surreptitiously begun another onslaught of blackmail, hate speech and Media bullying against him using fifth columnist. It is imperative at this juncture to elaborate on the incontrovertible fact that Alh, Sani Dauda has always maintained a penchant for undue interference in the respective marriages of his daughters
leading to crisis in most cases.

“It is also on record that same Alh. Sani Dauda has severally conducted himself in an unruly manner as though he were a government unto himself and those around him, little wonder he is enmeshed in protracted crisis with the Kaduna State Government having flouted several laws and regulations. His pending cases with the EFCC go further to lend credence to the caliber of individual Álh. Sani Dauda (ASD) is. It is therefore not surprising that he seeks an overarching influence over his daughter – Nasiba’s – family.

“As it stands today, Nasiba – Abubakar Musa Abubakar’s – estranged wife has eloped with her newfound lover and has been ushered into a remarriage of
bigamy contrary to sections 45, 46, 58, 217, 229, 230, 239, 365, 366 and 369 respectively. It is on record that Nasiba Sani Dauda was married to Abubakar Musa Abubakar sometimes in December, 2016 and has not been legally divorced.

” Few months into the marriage Nasiba Sani Dauda absconded from the marriage due to ceaseless interference and upon instruction from her father.
Alh. Sani Dauda (ASD) did not stop at that but has profusely embarked on assault, intimidation, threat to life, defamation of character against his son in-law Abubakar Musa Abubakar. He has also embarked on a binge of judicial contempt, abuse of judicial process, inducement and desecration of the temple of justice.

“We have thus been left wondering what Alh. Sani Dauda hopes to achieve in all of these? Aside the needless massage of his overestimated ego. We are pained that Abubakar Musa Abubakár has been consistently victimized, and now that his cry has reached our stable, we must rise against this denigration of human rights and justice.

Addressing journalists at Arewa House Auditorium ,Kaduna , the groups led by Musa Lawal Kankara demanded the following : “That the status quo be maintained as pertains the marriage between Nasiba and Abubakar Musa Abubakar.

” That Alh. Sani Dauda should desist from victimization or harassment of
Abubakar Musa Abubakar either directly or using any third parties.

“The estranged wife Nasiba and her family should stop playing the victim when they are the aggressors in this respect.

” That appropriate security agencies should apprehend and prosecute all those being used as agents of blackmail against Abubakar Musa Abubakar.

“The Courts should sanction all the elements that have been used to defame the pristine character of Abubakar Musa Abubakar while also ensuring that
appropriate punitive measures are taken against Alh. Sani Dauda (ASD) for
contempt of Court.

” We call on all Islamic scholars to stand on the side of truth and justice rather than biasedly siding with Nasiba and the Alh. Sani Dauda’s family.

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