–Three kidnapped victims consorted and  killed their abductor in Oviri-Okpe Community in the Okpe Local Government Area of Delta on Thursday .

Police authorities said no offence was committed in the killing.

The three then immersed the dead kidnapper  in a river around a bush where they were held.

Four other members of the kidnap gang ran away when they sensed their victims had broken free.

The dead kidnapper and four of his gang had kidnapped and held hostage four victims.

Later, one of the victims was taken to negotiate on behalf of others, their families with four of the kidnappers.

The tied victims had however undone the rope. It was why the last kidnapper was serving them food, on request, the  three hostages attacked their abductor, and beat him to death

The three victims later went to the Orerokpe Police Station to incident the matter in line with the law.

Immediately, the police called the leaders of the Community to identify the corpse, before they evacuated the remains and deposited in a morgue in the area.

Delta State Commissioner of Police, CP Adeyinka Adeleke confirmed the report.

According to him,  the victims have committed no offence.

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