–There has being wide outcry from Customers of Access Bank across branches of the metropolis of Kaduna.

Investigations revealed that at the Kachia road Branch of Access Bank over 20 customers reported that they made transfers of various sums which never delivered. Whereas others lamented that they purchase airtime via their mobile topup, monies were deducted from their Access Bank accounts but they never had value for it for over 72 hours outside weekend hours.
One of the Customers at NEPA round about branch who gave his name as Saleh Ibrahim said he and 18 other customers have being stranded for over one week as they have filled forms and called the customer care line 07003000000 severally but to avail.
At Kachia road branch, a customer who spoke on condition of anonimity said he transfered 100,000 thousand naira to a friend in Jos only for the money to land in his sons account whom he claimed he doesn’t even have his bank details.

Also speaking, a journalist, who is the Bureau Chief of Leadership Newspapers Comrade Isaiah Benjamin lamented the challenges with Access Bank as all transfers he did for the past 5days stressing how they never went through “I am going to withdraw all my money in that bank”he added.

Another journalist affected is Comrade Nicholas Dekera Chairman Nigerian Union of Journalists NNN Chapel Kaduna State said “my night mare with the bank started since Thursday last week. I did a transaction and I was debited but the transaction never went through, I complained, filled forms and called untill the money was reversed on Monday 28th October, 2019 unfortunately I did another transaction that night and the money was held, I went back to Lugard round about and NEPA round about branches on 29th and 30th October, I saw over 25people with disheartening complains of failed transaction and I started talking to them, one of the Managers discovered I am a journalist and quickly reversed my money but the issue is, must a customer be a media practitioner before his failed transaction can be resolved ”
Access Bank Customer care agents Stella, Ifeanyi and Kehinde Adisa were called on 07003000000 but they couldn’t offer any assistance as they were only apologising.
More efforts were made as Operational managers of NEPA round about and Lugard round about branches Martins Onuoha and Gimbia Mercy Chawai were contacted repectively but maintained they have no powers to speak.

Lola Seriki-Idahosa/News

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