Allow me to begin by hailing Edo people for their doggedness, resolve and tenacity in the face of near anarchy, tyranny, violence , propaganda and gangster audacity as practiced by both the immediate past and present APC led State government.

In about one years’ time, Edo State will have an opportunity to effect a change in its government and the party that has created more problems than it has solved. I implore Edolites to stand tall to defeat incompetence, arrogance, contentiousness and vindictiveness !

You should not be intimidated by the rhetorics of the APC even though they are the federal government and tend to wield the power of cohesion and intimidation. Hard as they will try, Edo people should stand their ground!

It is disgraceful that the era of free, fair and credible elections as experienced under the PDP led federal government is been threatened owing to the APC desperation. We are however confident that Edo people will resist any such desperation.

PDP is the party best poised to lead Edo State into the next decade as it is prepared, experienced, united and cohesive. Most importantly, it is the party that listens to the cries of Edo people!


Students, Staff, Academic and non-academic, have a Story to Tell!

On 8th August 2017, Governor Obaseki announced that he was temporarily closing down the College of Agriculture, Iguoriaki, for a 3 month period. He promised to restructure and revamp the college to a world class institution. He set himself a time frame.

Nine months later on 25th May, 2018, Governor Obaseki dispatched SACK letters to all the staff, academic and non-academic, reason been that their services were no longer required even though the students were just two weeks away from their final examinations. He employed the services of security agencies to chase everybody from the vicinity of the school. Their sack was backdated to January 31st 2018. The governor behaved Ignobly!

In a most brazen, uncreative and in-your-face manner, the governor manufactured alternative facts about paying off the staff and sending students on internship with Presco, Okomu and even Leventis! ( Leventis has been comatose for decades).

Two years have since past! Even with a valid court judgement ordering the Governor to reopen the school, reinstate its lecturers and pay their arrears, Governor Obaseki has remained recalcitrant. College of Agriculture Iguoriakhi remains closed. Admin staff unpaid. Casual workers unpaid. Lecturers unpaid. Students in Limbo!

Edo people truly have a story to tell. What’s your Story?
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PDP… Listening to the cries of Edo People!

Chris Osa Nehikhare

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