–The Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) has amended its statutes to expunge the portion that makes it an affiliate of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).
The decision was taken during a Full Council Meeting held at the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex, Port Harcourt.
Delegates from over 30 states unanimously took the decision that it takes immediate effect from October 8, 2019, but opted to maintain its affiliation to AIPS.
Former SWAN President, Barrister Steve Alabi speaking earlier, apologized to the council for affiliating the association to NUJ.
He said that, “When we complain of impunity when politicians do their thing. What moral rights do we have when some individuals abuse power. SWAN has been in existence since 1964. AIPS is not answerable to anyone. I advise as a former leader that we do what is necessary and we do not waste time.”
SWAN President, Honour Sirawoo in his remarks, said that the statutes review committee established 2017 in Bauchi.
“Last time it was reviewed was in 2008 under tenure of Ex SWAN President, Olu Amadason,” he said.

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