*…Says the ordinary politician who wants to be praised daily won’t embark on a storm water project*

Tracereporters.com –Lagos, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, national chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has said attempts by some agents of destabilisation to rubbish his achievements during his tenure as governor of Edo state will fail.

Speaking through Simon Ebegbulem, his Chief Press Secretary, Oshiomhole described as falsehood claims that he failed to execute the Benin City Water Storm project after collecting N30b from the Stock market.
He added that the project was at an advanced stage by the time he left in office in 2016 but the failure of his successor, Godwin Obaseki to continue with the projects led to severe flooding witnessed in the state recently.
“It is unfair for some mischief makers to try to rub the name of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in the mud as regards the N30 billion Storm Water project. That administration completed six of the 23 catchments areas. Continuation is required by the current administration, towards finding a lasting solution to the problem”.

“Oshiomhole is no longer governor of Edo State; he would have seen to the end of this project if he were still in office, but as you know he has successfully completed his maximum eight years in office. This is a project that another governor, even after Obaseki, will also continue. It is a huge project”.

“Fortunately, the incumbent governor was chairman of the Economic Team in that administration; he was part of the system. So, he is well abreast of the project. I recall when the American ambassador and other officials of the American government visited Edo state then”.

“They went on a tour of some of the projects executed by Oshiomhole and they singled out this particular project as one of the best initiatives of that administration. They described it as a ‘sexy project,’ meaning that it is a project that may not easily get the admiration of the public, because they are underground, but one that will determine the urban renewal project of the state government; the heart of whatever project you want to embark on in Benin City”.

“The truth is that the ordinary politician who wants to be praised on a daily basis will not embark on such a capital intensive project, because they are underground projects. But, Oshiomhole decided to take the bull by the horns due to the cries of the people of Benin City and its environs”.

“So, I feel sad when I read comments by some uninformed persons and mischief-makers making frantic efforts to turn the truth upside down in the name of politics”.

“Few people, due to their selfish and wicked interests, have embarked on campaigns of calumny against that administration; sponsoring their social media boys, to misinform the people, but I can tell you that darkness can never overshadow light”.

“No matter how much they try, Edo people are proud of what God used Oshiomhole to achieve in Edo South and other senatorial districts of the state, and nobody can erode those laudable legacies of Oshiomhole, no matter how hard they try,” he said.

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