*…as Governor gets jittery, sacks own aides*

*…more sacks underway*

*_…media e-rats gets desperate, unveils “audio (unseen) achievements”_*


_By Chris Osa Uhunmwangho_

Ahead of the 2020 gubernatorial election in Edo State, It is important for us to maximize this opportunity and rescue our dear state from incompetency and under-development. Governor Godwin Obaseki has once again gotten jittery firing his over 220 Special Assistants (SAs) and Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) who have all been worn out in defending his ever glaring incompetence and non-performance in the public domain.

The embattled Governor through his Secretary to the State Government, Osarodion Ogie claimed that the “development is in line with efforts to reorganise the governance structure to enhance efficiency in service delivery to Edo people”. But was there ever “governance” in Edo State? Obaseki is yet to deliver good governance to the people since be came on board in 2016. We all campaigned with CONTINUITY but he came and abandoned all projects initiated by his predecessor. Where is the governance? In fact, the only “service” Obaseki has successfully delivered to the people is debt services, substandard roads and lies upon lies.

We all know that the move is targeted at those perceived as ‘non-loyalists’ of the Governor. The about 220 affected appointees, with no specific job description, were nominated by leaders from the various Wards and Local Government Councils across the state…who have since fallen out of favour with the state government. This is not the first time Obaseki he will be sacking his political aides. The Governor had recently sacked some Commissioners in his cabinet, who were said to be loyal to his predecessor and party national chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, for obviously not supporting his illegality regarding the midnight inauguration of the Edo Assembly and election of the “Night Assembly Speaker” Frank Okiye. If Obaseki cannot trust Edo people who he has sacked, it therefore mean that he is alien to the people and cannot be trusted with our mandate again.

The Edo State Government have been caught severally claiming projects that was never theirs, they have never stopped ascribing good roads to their failed government. Most recent is the claims that the Governor was responsible for the roads constructed by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in the state. When caught, guess what they did? The Governor in his usual deceitful ways made a u-turn and declared war on the agency calling for a probe on the resources expended in the state. Same good roads you saw and even claimed to have done have suddenly become invisible? Lol. When confronted to showcase his achievements, the Governor’s handlers are quick to start writing epistles and open letters as if achievements ought not to speak for itself. No wonder someone once said Obaseki’s achievements are audio, they can only be heard but cannot be seen. The only known achievements of the Governor are on papers which include failed MOUs and his annual ‘Alaghodaro’ were tax payers money are wasted.

The unpopular governor having been publicly disgraced and booed in New York City by Edo citizens and other Nigerians in diaspora appalled at the state of things in Edo under his watch, have suddenly lay off his over 220 aides for reportedly not massaging his ever diminishing ego and battered image. The Governor’s e-rats are claiming that the sacked SAs and SSAs do not defend him on social media, the question is, ‘how do you defend someone who has nothing to be defended with?’. They’ve only successfully exposed their deceit to the world once again. Truth is the Governor remains undefendable, incompetent and unpopular!

The Edo populace have since rejected the Governor over his incompetence and non-performance, is it the “helpless aides” that would cover his sins?. The battle for the soul of Edo State has now shifted to Obaseki against Obaseki (himself), he has once again shown to lack what it takes to lead a state as peaceful as ours. Under his nose, insecurity has increased, schools are under lock and key with no promotion for teachers, yet, he is spending millions to sponsor goodwill messages on editorials and newspapers under faceless organizations to celebrate his bought NUT’s “best governor award”. What is ‘best’ about Obaseki???

Under Obaseki’s sleeping eyes, unemployment in Edo State has soared and investments have waned. Democratic values and supremacy of the law are being tested by his tyranny and the people of the state live in perpetual fear and hardship. What else is there to be done or said about a man who does not respect the rule of law but take his own party to court yet claiming to be fighting for the people? Obaseki has lost it and it’s irredeemable. It is time to count our losses and move on. But not before we send him packing. Enough is enough!. It is time to rescue Edo from tyranny and incompetency.

*Chris Osa Uhunmwangho writes from Benin City*

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