By Lola Seriki- Idahosa, Kaduna, NorthWest

Environmental: Despite the  free education system in Kaduna state north western Nigeria,these childrens prefer coming to trashed dump center, in other For them to make some little amount of money while there counter part in some parts of the state are in the class busy preparing for their future.


It was however  impressive to also see how local farmer are now transforming Waste to wealth in some parts of the country. Some of these  farmers transformed Waste to local manures for their agricultural land,and these are some of the ways to save our environment against all forms of climatic change problem. Some farmers were seen gathering the Waste, well packaged in bags and invite buyers like the once you can see to come and buy and take it to their farm land for farming

Over the years the use of polythene bags and sachets of water that used to be waste products have now become cash cow for women in Kaduna State.

It will be recalled in 2016,  that These women, who used to discard plastic bags they collect from stores, markets as well as pure water sachet in the open dump, now will not allow such waste pass them by because they could recycle them into usable items that can fetch them money.
The ‘Waste to Wealth’ slogan was  a reality for Kaduna women as over 60 women, from three communities including Kakuri, Narayi and Sabon-Tasha, have been trained by a non-governmental organisation called Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE) on how to turn waste into useful products.
The training was conducted in three phases and tagged: “Pilot grassroot women’s plastic bag recycling and crafting project.”
The training was aimed at tackling the menace of discarded plastic bags and sachets and achieving a cleaner living environment.

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