KADUNA  ….World cancer day; Medical expert sensitizes over 200 destitute ,Inmate  & Gheto  women  on Various preventives measures against the silent killer disease

As the world celebrate international cancer day which is the  4th February every year  , a team of 10 medical personel headed by Hajiya Maryam Abubakar  who is the chief  executive director of Fatima Clinic in kaduna north-western Nigeria has embacked on   sensitization campaign to  persons with disability and some inmate ,as she also extend the extend the gesture to  (house-to-house) in other to  raise more awareness to  rural and urban women in kaduna state.

According to her ,there are different types of cancer and each one is very dangerous to human life ,adding also that cancer have become a major threat of the lives of men and women and all hands need to be on deck to ensure cancer is eliminated world –wide.

She said, the reason why she chooses these type of women is simply to educate the poor physically challenged women, and to some women that are residing in rural areas and the  once living in ghettos , and also to meet with some women that are detained in some places due to some factors disturbing their lives,-

“My medical team is out for 2 days, to sensitize over 200 destitutes women which include Blind and cripples women, and Inmate with other women that are residing in the ghettos”

The director says, Thousands of lives could be saved each year if people were more aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer and people looked for help as soon as possible as treatment is usually more effective in the early stages of cancer.

She said, Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide hence the need to double-up  more effort in raising  awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention , detection and treatment for the purpose of saving humanity and live of millions men and women  ,

“Cancer treatment very expensive for the poor women,and that is why we are out today to raise more awareness of the disease to the women ,so as to prevent them from getting it”

Maryam added also that  Smoking is the biggest cause of cancer and It is linked to lung, mouth and throat cancer,and hence the need to educate rural and urban women on the dangers,to avert losing wives and sisters

Additionally, She stressed that  Poor Cancer Awareness in Nigeria, is the Leading Cause of Death in both rural and urban women which need to be addressed

“we are also going House-To-House in some communities in other to educate young women and adult about concer”

Pointing out  clearly that Obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer after smoking simply because  Extra fat in the body can have harmful effects, like producing hormones and growth factors that affect the way our cells work

She also explained the sign and symptoms of cancer include the following ,a sore or bruise that does not heal,New lumps or growths on our skin,An ongoing cough or hoarseness that lasts more than three weeks,Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing, Unexplained weight loss or tiredness

She then called for more cancer diagnoses centre in Nigeria across the 36 states of Nigeria in other to reduce the numbers of women and children that are dying due to diseases associated with Cancer diseases in the country,

Malama Maryam a handicap women at the home of person with disability in kaduna thanks the teams of the medical doctors and nurses that visited them

She called on other health NGOs and CSO to always remembered them in all issues related to health matters

Also responding mallam lawal maduru ,the chairman of Niggers rehabilition centre in kaduna also expressed satisfaction over the effort of the medical team that visited his centre.

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