The President of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD), Kaduna State branch has alleged that Assassin has been trailing him since Tuesday after announcing the association’s position to embark on indefinite strike over failure of the Kaduna State government to discuss with them on the issue of their welfare and how to improve the quality of health care delivery system in the state.

The President Dr. Joseph Natsah, on Wednesday said some an anonymous callers has been calling him with different threats to his life if the strike is not called off.
“Another thing that shocked me on Wednesday was that some men believed to be security agents in a high number came to my work place in Kachia, to look for me, for whatever reasons I don’t know.
“Some minutes after that left a guy on mufti believed to be carrying a pistol entered the hospital premise and was aggressively ask everybody of my whereabout.
“I don’t understand why they will be looking for me, my neighbors equally told me that some guys have been walking around in our neighborhood and a particular vehicle has entered our area severally.

“I know I didn’t commit any offence, even if there was an offence anywhere is it threat or assassination that will solve it?” He wondered.
Recall that the doctors, after a 21 days ultimatum issued to the Kaduna State Government elapsed on Monday night, commenced an indefinite strike.
The doctors had on Monday reinstated that it was imperative for them to embark in strike since the patience and tolerance of members and their attempts to get the government to do the needful failed. They said, their union had notified the Government on the review of CONMESS in the federal service on 12th March 2014, this goes to further shows that the perceived 90% CONMESS is no longer so on the adjusted CONMESS Scale but 59% with skipping.
Their demands were for the government to make “provision of adequate funding, equipping and staffing of our Hospitals in order to create a conducive working and living environment for the Medical and other health workers as well as our patients.
“Immediate payment of House Officers salaries and arrears as well as putting a mechanism in place to prevent future delay in payment of House officers’ salaries.
“Immediate and full implementation of the corrected Consolidated Medical Salary Structure of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as the only recognised salary structure for doctors nationwide, as well as appropriate placement of medicals officers in their appropriate grade level.
“Immediate implementation of already approved funding for residency training of Kaduna State doctors in their chosen fields.
“Immediate promotion of our doctors that are due for promotion with Prompt advancement and payment of arrears in the event of delayed payment.”
These they said necessitated their general dissatisfaction with the status quo and the demand for a change for the betterment of the healthcare system in the state as it relate to productivity.

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